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To write this summer

Week of July 19:
Lily/James fest

Week of July 26:
10 War Songs - Lily and Sirius

Week of August 2:
Marauder Big Bang

Week of August 9:
Fair-cheeked Medusa

Week of August 16:
ABCs of MWPP (Yellow, Bat, plus one I haven't started)

Week of August 23:
Something new that has bound to have popped up.
Due South

(no subject)

Home again, home again, to a thankfully unburglared apartment, since my houseguest on Thursday night neither set the alarm not locked the door as requested, and I went straight from work on Friday out of town.

Otherwise, life is going well, job's going well. Keeping busy, which is always nice. Haven't fixed my computer yet, but I also haven't given up the ghost on it. Right now, I've borrowed my mom's laptop, which is working out nicely for me.
Beauty and the Beast

Drabble Challenge

This week's theme is


The definition of a drabble is a 100 word story. Well, mostly they are. In this community, we like to think of the 100 words limita not as a rule but as a guideline (since we all know what pirates think about rules as opposed to guidelines...) Going a few words over or a few words under the word count isn't a marooning offence. In fact, we've been known to encourage going over or under by as many words as it takes to satisfy your muse, as well as be in awe of those people who can hit the 100 word mark exactly.

The drabble challenge runs Wednesday to Wednesday, but see the above rules if you get inspired by one of the previous topics, listed at our very own captain's Black Pearl Tales, where responses are also collected. If you do not want your story posted there, please make a note when posting here.

Due South

(no subject)

My computer iz ded. A virus has been threatening it for several weeks now despite numerous virus scans, but it gave up the ghost yesterday. Now I have to figure out how much repairs will be, if posible. Thank God for my iPod touch or I would be inconsolable from lack of internet access.
Due South

Fuck yeah!

Got my Big Bang story finished (well, the first draft finished) and handed in. And I don't even hate it, which is usually my default state at this point in a fic's life. Maybe because I know that it has a lot of work left to do but that I'll still have the chance to do it.

Now to turn my hand to some of the projects that have been sitting on the backburner. In the next two weeks I want to finish:

+ A Sirius/Bellatrix-lite piece inspired by the prompt "fair-cheeked Medusa"
+ A Donna commentfic that I'd been hoping to do before the current episodes ruined the idea, but has probably already been jossed by The Hungry Earth (which I have not yet watched)
+ My Sirius/James/Lily 3 Things ficlet that I started last month for the 3 Weeks of Dreamwidth but which I obviously did not finish in time to post for that challenge

Then I shall go back to the Big Bang story and start revising it. But I don't have to think of that right now so I won't.
Due South

(no subject)

I have 1700 words left to write in my Big Bang story, which would be amazingly doable if I could figure out what the characters want to say. Still, I expect to be finished the very rough draft sometime this evening.

My head hurts whenever I cough. This is not good as I cannot figure out what kind of headache I have to cause this. It is also not good because my head hurts whenever I cough. Ouch.
Due South

(no subject)

When I woke up this morning, I decided that I would be dropping out of marauderbigbang. It's not that I'm hopelessly behind (though I'm getting there as each day passes) it's more that I haven't found much time to catch up this last week between having a stupid annoying cold that makes me go to bed early every night and the fact that my computer requires restarting at least once a day (it's getting to be on its last legs, which is worrisome since I really can't/shouldn't afford a new on right now).

But then I went to work and woke up and felt so much better that I've decided to plough on. I want to get this story done, damnit! Plus, I'm hoping there will be enough interest to hold a Pirates of the Caribbean Big Bang later this year and it will probably be better if I've completed one big bang before that.

So if I disappear again in the next few days, I'm probably hiding in shame. Otherwise expect a triumphant post sometime in the near future.
Due South

(no subject)

I had grandiose plans. Today, I was going to sit down and write a marathon session of my Marauder Big Bang story, which has been kicking my ass for the most part, but occasionally seems to gel just enough to keep from from giving up in despair. Although I'm still significantly behind and the deadline is looming closer and closer, so we shall see...

Anyway, that was all before I went to the grocery store and realized that the promised gorgeous May 2-4 weekend was actually coming to pass. So instead of sitting at my computer desk all afternoon, I went and bought beer from a surprisingly empty Beer Store (really, I can't be the only Torontonian who didn't escape to cottage country for the long weekend) and went upstairs to read Prisoner of Azkaban, since my Big Bang has inspired me to do something at least, even if it isn't the something I'd planned/hoped.

Tomorrow I plan to do much the same, except I might even go further to make myself a picnic lunch. GoF's tomorrow, and then we'll see how much of OotP I can get through this week before casting it aside and remembering I'm supposed to be reading new fiction since my bookshelves have been overflowing for longer than I shall care to admit.
Due South

(no subject)

It's my uncle's birthday today so my parents came into Toronto for lunch. Afterwards, my mom and I went shopping. I now have a new wardrobe for my new job (three skirts, two tops and a blazer). I love new clothes, especially since I really haven't gone shopping in forever.