Trinity Day (trinityday) wrote,
Trinity Day

Drabble: Modern Witches

This was written for someone or another's first line meme. I printed out a list of a bunch of them awhile ago and am slowly working on it. I suspect it's the_dala but am not sure--and obviously, she wouldn't be writing for HP, which is what I changed it to. When I figure out who, exactly, the first line belongs to (which will probably be on the weekend) I'll tell you. 100 words exactly.

Modern Witches

She can manage this, she thinks, and she will.

Lily Potter is a modern women, after all. Rather, a modern witch. She can have it all. A career. A family. A loving husband. A baby.

And a war.

There is no need to sacrifice one for the others. Not anymore. They tell her she can have it all.

And she believes them.

Still, Lily places her hand over her belly, hesitantly, experimentally — she’s wants to see what it feels like — and Lily looks at the potion in front of her, just turned blue, telling her she’s pregnant.

And Lily wonders.
Tags: drabble, fanfic, harry potter
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