Trinity Day (trinityday) wrote,
Trinity Day

When I woke up this morning, I decided that I would be dropping out of marauderbigbang. It's not that I'm hopelessly behind (though I'm getting there as each day passes) it's more that I haven't found much time to catch up this last week between having a stupid annoying cold that makes me go to bed early every night and the fact that my computer requires restarting at least once a day (it's getting to be on its last legs, which is worrisome since I really can't/shouldn't afford a new on right now).

But then I went to work and woke up and felt so much better that I've decided to plough on. I want to get this story done, damnit! Plus, I'm hoping there will be enough interest to hold a Pirates of the Caribbean Big Bang later this year and it will probably be better if I've completed one big bang before that.

So if I disappear again in the next few days, I'm probably hiding in shame. Otherwise expect a triumphant post sometime in the near future.
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