Trinity Day (trinityday) wrote,
Trinity Day

I had grandiose plans. Today, I was going to sit down and write a marathon session of my Marauder Big Bang story, which has been kicking my ass for the most part, but occasionally seems to gel just enough to keep from from giving up in despair. Although I'm still significantly behind and the deadline is looming closer and closer, so we shall see...

Anyway, that was all before I went to the grocery store and realized that the promised gorgeous May 2-4 weekend was actually coming to pass. So instead of sitting at my computer desk all afternoon, I went and bought beer from a surprisingly empty Beer Store (really, I can't be the only Torontonian who didn't escape to cottage country for the long weekend) and went upstairs to read Prisoner of Azkaban, since my Big Bang has inspired me to do something at least, even if it isn't the something I'd planned/hoped.

Tomorrow I plan to do much the same, except I might even go further to make myself a picnic lunch. GoF's tomorrow, and then we'll see how much of OotP I can get through this week before casting it aside and remembering I'm supposed to be reading new fiction since my bookshelves have been overflowing for longer than I shall care to admit.
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