Trinity Day (trinityday) wrote,
Trinity Day

So, I'm unemployed. Again.

I feel pretty good about it, though, and not just because I'm sitting on my parents' back porch, basking in the first warm day of the year (it got up to 20!) drinking a beer. And swatting at flies. Seriously, why are there so many flies around?

If my work had been more challenge (ie, hadn't been easier than the first office job I got at age 17 nearly ten years ago) I might have been more devastated, what with my former coworkers being some of the friendliest, most intelligent group of people I've ever had the chance to work with. But as it is, I think this is going to motivate me into get a proper job, which I'm excited about for more reasons than that I've been broke for the past year.

Also, apparently there's a woodpecker in the tree just beside me. Today I also saw a Canadian goose in the parking lot at Sherway Gardens (a mall), deer at the side of the 403 (a highway) and hawks/falcons/vultures (can't tell the difference when they're flying) just about everyone once I got out of Toronto. (I mean, you can see them in T.O., I just didn't today.)
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