December 30th, 2010

Due South

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I have the week off work. I can't tell you how lovely this is. It's the first time I've had more than three days off in a row since May, and that was due to unemployment, which really doesn't count. Plus, after the holiday stuff died down, I've been just sick enough to justify laying around on my couch all day, reading and writing fic and watching tv. Except for the part about being slightly sick, which is starting to wear on my nerves because it's been over two weeks now, it really is bliss.

It has also come to my attention that I have waaaay too many things languishing on my harddrive or posted in little known corners of the internets so it looks like January will be the month of fic postings. I have a surprising amount of Dark Angel, a fair number of PotC stories, your usual handful of Harry Potter and a few other scattered fandoms.