June 13th, 2010

Due South

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I have 1700 words left to write in my Big Bang story, which would be amazingly doable if I could figure out what the characters want to say. Still, I expect to be finished the very rough draft sometime this evening.

My head hurts whenever I cough. This is not good as I cannot figure out what kind of headache I have to cause this. It is also not good because my head hurts whenever I cough. Ouch.
Due South

Fuck yeah!

Got my Big Bang story finished (well, the first draft finished) and handed in. And I don't even hate it, which is usually my default state at this point in a fic's life. Maybe because I know that it has a lot of work left to do but that I'll still have the chance to do it.

Now to turn my hand to some of the projects that have been sitting on the backburner. In the next two weeks I want to finish:

+ A Sirius/Bellatrix-lite piece inspired by the prompt "fair-cheeked Medusa"
+ A Donna commentfic that I'd been hoping to do before the current episodes ruined the idea, but has probably already been jossed by The Hungry Earth (which I have not yet watched)
+ My Sirius/James/Lily 3 Things ficlet that I started last month for the 3 Weeks of Dreamwidth but which I obviously did not finish in time to post for that challenge

Then I shall go back to the Big Bang story and start revising it. But I don't have to think of that right now so I won't.