April 27th, 2010

Due South

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So I've decided that while I'm lazing around at home like the unemployed bum that I am (I'm unemployed again, FYI) I've decided to be a good girl and after spending the mornings job searching, I spend parts of the afternoon writing. Especially since that now that in addition to the marauderbigbang that I've signed up for but barely started because the story is giving me some problems, I've tentatively signed up for pjo_bigbang even though the timelines are almost identical (though thankfully that story is easier to write, at least the beginning). So of course instead of writing either of these fine things, I found myself clicking around communities at random and found a third challenge that I've spent the day writing instead.

What is it about writing challenges that captures my imagination?

And better yet, does this mean I'll actually post anything before the summer's up?