December 28th, 2009

Due South

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Christmas was great. Much more intense than usual, but still great.

My mom's parents have been divorced for 40 years, but last summer my grandpa moved back to the area for the first time since. He and his wife were supposed to visit her daughter this Christmas, allowing us to delay the whole question of what we're supposed to do for holidays for another year (or at least until Easter) but there was a minor accident that changed their plans.

So instead, we had my grandma and her sister over for brunch, and then the rest of the family (including my grandma's brother) over for dinner. Which meant that Christmas was pretty much all about the visiting and the frantic cleaning and the getting ready for more visiting, without any downtime in between.

Plus, mom and I made brunch, which involved some intensive cooking and timing, especially since it was all new recipes we tried out (beef tenderloin on puff pastry with mushroom paté, califlower soup with pear crisps, saffron buns from scratch and blueberry fool for dessert). And also especially since dad was also cooking Christmas supper, which meant some overlap for the stuffing, and the turkey having to go into the oven before we sat down the first time.

Then it was off to Belleville on Boxing Day for my dad's side of the family. I was the designated driver, which was fine when everyone was just drinking beer and wine, but got a little... I'm not sure if it was better or worse when everyone started doing multiple shots of whisky.

I also took no pictures, which is kind of weird. I usually take pictures. But I was feeling off, especially with the fact that I'm still having problems wearing not-baggy pants because of my burn and I hate the way I look in non-fitted pants. And I hate wearing skirts and knee socks when it's below freezing.

But on the plus side, fantastic gifts! My parents got a Wii for the family (well, it stays at their house, but my sister and I had loads of fun playing Mario on Christmas Eve, and I did convince some of my relatives to play Rock Band on Christmas Day). And I got an iPod Touch, completely and utterly unexpectedly. It's really pretty, and I think I'm going to have to invest in wireless internet so that I can fully appreciate it. Because my 540 square foot apartment is too big to have to walk all the way over to my computer to check the internet.

Hope everyone else's holidays are going/went well.