November 12th, 2009

Due South

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Oh God. You know, I really thought that being guaranteed a job until the end of the December (I've been doing temp work for the past... long time) would mean that I could put a hold on my seeming neverending job hunting, at least for a few weeks. But on day three I am bored out of my fucking mind and feel all renewed need to pelt prospective employers with my resume. Day Three!

I was thinking this all the way home from work and then what do I find on my answering machine? A call back for a first-round interview for a job that while I'm damned sure I'd be good at, and is in the field I like, I only applied to on a whim because it asked for a bit more experience than I have.

(This is also a huge change from earlier this year when my three years admin experience wasn't good enough for places that wanted 2-3 years.)

And chances are, they'd want someone who can started sooner than January.