September 7th, 2009

liquors drunkened me

Oskee Wee Wee!

I went to the Ticats vs Argos game today.

(There are about... 3 people on my flist who know who the Argos or Ticats are. For the rest--they are two teams in the CFL.)

(There are about... 6? people on my flist who know what the CFL is. For the rest, it is the Canadian Football League. Canadian football is very similar to American football, with some major/minor differences.)

It's been a good decade since I went to any football game, let alone the Labour Day Classic. Things I have discovered/rediscovered:

- I like watching football. When it's live, at least.
- Hamilton is a fun city to watch football in. I went into the stadium and everyone was yelling and cheering and generally having a good time, even before the game started.
- I am better at learning/recognizing football rules than hockey rules. I don't know whether this is because I went to several Ticat games when I was younger and remember through osmosis/something or what.
- I don't know enough rules of the game not to watch without asking clarification. My dad is very happy to help. I might have... embarrassed? something? my grandpa, though.
- I don't know my grandpa well enough to figure out whether he was teasing me about not knowing the rules, in his own way, or if he was embarrassed/something by my constant questions.
- I don't know my grandpa well enough to even know what he meant when he said hopefully next time I'll remember the rules, without looking to my parents for clarification.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this (actually, I'm pretty sure I haven't), but after... roughly forty years of living out of province/country, my grandfather and step-grandmother (who have been married for longer than I've been alive) moved just around the corner from my parents two months ago. In many ways, it's working out very well. In other ways, its really incredibly very weird.

Not just for me, either. We've never had to worry about who we visit on holidays, etc. Thanksgiving is going to be our first foray into this. It's quickly approaching. We're going to see how it goes.

This entry turned out to be less about football than I thought it would.

Also, we won.

Go Tiger-Cats!