September 6th, 2009

Due South

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So I'm at my parents', where I find it difficult to write. Unless I'm sitting out on the back deck with the laptop. Which I've been able to do a lot today, so yay!

I also figured out a plot snarl I'd been stuck on for the ABCs of MWPP (a project I'll begin posting by the end of the moth) while running errands AND think of a brand new series I want to try my hand at. 15 War Songs is the working title, and it'll be short, possibly interconnected stories about MWPP+L's experiences in the first wizarding war. That won't see the light until next year at the earliest, but I do have a couple of ideas in mind for different parts, which is good.

Otherwise I've been having a nice, relaxing weekend, visiting with family and experimenting in the kitchen. I tried roasting watermelon seeds, which are tasty, if too salty in the recipe I followed, and also a fair bit of work to make and eat, so I'm not sure I'll do it again. But yesterday was lamb pitas (with a lovely spice blend in the lamb patties, thanks to Nigella Lawson) and tonight I'll try my hand at beer can chicken, which I'm told is quite difficult to mess up.