August 2nd, 2009

Due South

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So I'm reading this book. It was recced to me by about a billion different people, and deservedly so. I'm loving it like you wouldn't believe.


It has this scene where the main characters are picking baby names.

You know the one that I'm talking about. Heavily pregnant, they lay in bed together, flipping through a baby name book, reading out "random" names and informing the reader what each name means and the symbolism and the perfectness of the author's intended chosen name and the--


I can't be the only one this drives crazy.

This particular scene only had two things going for it. One--it was short. Like, really really short. A page out of a book that was several hundred pages long. Two--the name ultimately decided upon wasn't Harry. As in, it wasn't Lily and James having this conversation. Because as boring as this scene is to read, it's even more headdesking (yes, that's a word) if you already know the outcome, like in Every Single Lily and James Fic about the subject.

And yes, I'm aware that at least two of my fic have this conversation, to varying degrees (I don't think I ever included the baby name book name meanings). I was young and stupid. And not a published author.