May 11th, 2009

Red Deer

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Today's my mom's birthday. Which meant I made her dinner. Which is good, because yesterday, for Mother's Day, my sister and dad made brunch and then we went to my grandma's for dinner.

The recipe I was originally going to try to make, didn't work because apparently my sister doesn't like lamb. (Which was news to me--I knew seafood was out of the equation, but how do you not like lamb?) In fact, the meat she's most comfortable with is chicken, so I had to troll through my "want to make" recipes to find something there. (Actually, this isn't fair to her. She's great with beef. I just don't care for it myself. Which means that when we have to meet in the middle, poultry it is.)

I made Cornish Hen with Pomegranate Glaze. It's a Food & Drink recipe, because those are my absolute favourite. Great flavour and always so very, very easy to make. For the side dish, I decided to match the truffle oil flavour, which led me to the Red Mountain Quinua Risotto. First time making risotto. First time trying quinua.

Quinua is so incredibly tasty, even when on its own. The risotta was amazingly rich. I made my own veggie broth, because I try to stay away from onions, which I find especially prevalent in veggie dishes. Also because homemade broth is a) oh so very very delicious and b) of so very very easy to make. Seriously. Have you ever tried it? Veggie includes throwing in a carrot, a stalk of celery and a bay leaf, plus some pepper. And if you have anything else in your crisper, that will work, too.

The Cornish Hen, I'd keep exactly the same the next time I made, too, except I might divide the sauce/glaze the next time. Half of it, I'd reduce down further. The other half I'd combine with the pan drippings to make a flavoured gravy/dipping sauce. Because I think that would taste amazing.

Ultimately, I had two for two recipes that turned out and are keepers, which made me a happy girl.