November 12th, 2008

Due South

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I am now officially a university graduate.

I've a diploma and everything. Of course, I left it in my parents' car since it is less likely to get lost or bent at their place, but I think I looked at it at least once.

The ceremony was better and worst than I thought it would be. Better in that for the most part, they kept things going so that we finished only a minute late. Worst because for the most part, they forgot what country we lived in. All the speakers kept on going on about Obama. And our guest speaker forgot that these speeches were usually full of hope and instead went on about how he couldn't understand why Martin Luther King always preached the Gandhian approach of non-violence.

Beyond that, my November is going significantly better than my October. Haven't been sick or hurt myself once yet.

As for Nanowrimo... well, I gave up on my story 715 words and three days into it. The story wasn't gelling and I have too many other things to write. So I'm writing them instead. I'm still trying to reach 50k this month (although I have a lot of catchup to do, only being at 10k) but on the plus side, I should have a lot to post in December.

It's mostly Harry Potter, but with some Dark Angel and original thrown in. Unfortunately, my Pirates muse seems to be missing, so don't expect any fic for that any time in the near future.