August 22nd, 2008

Due South

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When my parents were first starting out, they were delighted to be living in Montreal, where you could get ethnic food.

That's where they were introduced to dim sum. It's where my dad flipped through a cookbook and discovered Coquilles St Jacques.

Tonight, I made ginger chicken wrapped in nori. (And mushroom crostini and cashew asparagus.) I considered making Indian spice rubbed tenderloin with roasted apple sauce, but ran out of time. I've made wanton soup with arctic char and Moroccan carrot stew in the past.

I'm not sure how I'd want to cook without the flavours and ingredients that are commonplace today.

Oh, and a place where yogurt (YOGURT!!!) was considered hippie radical food, as my mom insisted it was when she was growing up.

That said, lessons to be learned include the fact that the nori ought to be wet to keep it from falling to pieces.

Also, themes in meals are a better idea than going through Food and Drink archives in search of recipes that look cool.