August 12th, 2008

Due South

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So, is anyone here familiar with Dark Angel? Want to look over a couple drabbles I've written for a ficathon?

Also on an amusing note, spell check thinks "ficathon" is my way of misspelling catholic, unification or pontificate.
Due South

Drabble: LIttle Victories

Title: Little Victories
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Bellatrix, Sirius
Word Count: 100
Written for: bella_100's Getting Lucky challenge

Bellatrix waited until she heard the owl before entering her cousin’s room. Sirius froze, the scroll covered in Potter’s sprawl clenched in his hand. It was two weeks since school had ended and none of the family had visited him since the tantrum he threw after arriving home.

“I need an Ashwinder egg. Are you coming with me?” she asked calmly, patiently.

He made his mistake then, his eyes noticeably flitting from Potter’s letter to herself. She knew she had him.

“I’m not carrying your bags.”

Bellatrix let him see her smile; she just wished Potter knew her victory, too.

Drabble: Served Cold

Title: Served Cold
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 100
Pairings: Sirius/Narcissa, implied Sirius/Bellatrix
Written for: blackcest100's Catfight prompt

Narcissa didn’t understand why Bellatrix was so angry when Rodolphus paid attention to her. Everyone knew that theirs was a relationship of convenience only.

But she’d forgotten just how possessive Bellatrix could be. While they weren’t in love, he was still hers—and Bellatrix’s things were off-limits to her sisters. It wasn’t until Narcissa was broken, bleeding and crying for mercy that she remembered that lesson.

Still, Narcissa was a Black. She might slink off, but only to bide time.

Blacks got revenge.

She got Sirius drunk, dyed her hair black and made sure Bellatrix caught her sucking his cock.