August 11th, 2008

Due South

Drabble: Resolve

Title: Resolve
Fandom: PotC
Characters: Bootstrap Bill, Davy Jones
Word Count: 100
Written for: the Resolve theme that was on Black Pearl Sails about... oh, 18 months ago now. I was going through my harddrive and found the unfinished version, which I polished up today.

Jones was smart. He waited (an eternity? Bill couldn't gauge time when every second smothered) before approaching him.

"You'll be here forever. Hell is more forgiving. I can end it."

It was the first contact Bill had since they laced the cannon to his bootstrap.


The first time, Bill resisted (he remembered the stories).

He left.

Bill didn't regret his decision (not right away); he knew what Jones was.

But little by little, his resolve crumbled (his body didn't). Ninety-nine years was nothing compared to eternity.

Davy Jones knew the exact moment Bill surrendered.

He waited a little longer.