August 2nd, 2008

Hammer is my penis

Drabble-ish: Afternoon Tea Party

Title: Afternoon Tea Party
Fandom: PotC
Characters: Weatherby Swann, Elizabeth, Will
Word Count: 200
Written for: Last week's challenge at BPS, with inspiration from mpstigers.

“Will, it’s just pretend! You needn’t be so worried!”

Indeed, Young Turner seemed concerned, peppering Elizabeth with questions on how to pour the tea. Weatherby would have preferred it had Elizabeth chose to play hostess, but at least her instructions were correct.

“But Miss Swann,” he protested. “It’s real tea. And real china!”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “But it’s a fake tea party.”

Laughing a little at his daughter’s logic, Weatherby admitted to himself that it was nice to see his daughter act like a proper young girl for once. Hopefully she had finally gotten over her obsession with pirates. He might have preferred it if she had chosen herself a more suitable playmate than the blacksmith’s apprentice, but he would take any progress.

Content for once with his daughter’s sense of propriety, Weatherby went indoors and missed the next part.

“Then Miss Swann, shouldn’t we play with pretend china as well?” Will protested futilely.

“Arr, don’t call me Miss Swann, for I am Calico Liz, the dread pirate, and I’m here to plunder your tea party and make off with your china!” Pulling out an imaginary sword, Elizabeth started plundering.

The preliminary now complete, the game started in earnest.

Drabble: Secret Keeper

Title: Secret Keeper
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: James
Word Count: 100
Written for: myself, about a million years ago (seriously, it was written on my previous computer) but I never got it down to 100 words until now, so it was never posted until now.

Let me be your Secret Keeper.

Dumbledore’s words echo in James’ head.

What wasn’t said:

Let me be your Secret Keeper; I don’t trust your friends.

Let me be your Secret Keeper; I think Sirius is a traitor.

If it were just himself, James wouldn't hesitate. But Lily and Harry—James is not so cavalier with their lives.

Voldemort takes everything. He sets neighbour against neighbour, father against son, wife against husband. If James can’t trust his friends, Voldemort has already won.

James Potter trusts his friends.

In all the world, this is the one thing he will never doubt.