June 21st, 2008

Due South

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So, as of Thursday at noon, I'm finished school for ever and ever and ever amen.

Or, you know, until I get crazy enough to give graduate studies a try.

I decided to celebrate by going on a bender, but then I got the world's worst headache* and the next day, I ran out of the two bottles of beer I had left, and wasn't stupid enough to go on a bender with wine, so instead I'm taking July off to mess around.

Or at least, that's the plan. I figure it will actually culminate one of two ways.

1) I get back from New York (July 9, I think) completely freaked out by the fact that I have not made any money in almost a year.


2) Come September or October, I will completely freak out that sitting around my apartment for so many months has made me depressed and realize that since I will have not made any money for over a year, I need to get a damned job.

*Actually, seriously in my top five headaches, only mitigated by the fact that it was short-lived and it was solved by regular Tylenol.