February 21st, 2008

Due South

Drabble: Facts About Life

I wrote this long, long ago (back when SiriusXJames yahoogroup was up and running), but it looks like I've never posted it here.

Title: Facts about Life
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: James/Sirius
Word Count: 100
Written for: ...something. Unfortunately, my computer had crashed between writing and posting, and the group has been deleted, so I can't find the original prompt/challenge.

"There's a reason I haven't been looking for a job, James. I'm pregnant."

Stunned silence followed, finally broken by James sputtering uncontrollably, “Wh-wha-ho-why-what?”

Lily was slightly calmer. “There are differences between the Muggle and Magical worlds—and I know I sometimes come across them even now—but Sirius, there are certain facts, facts about life, which you should know. Girls get pregnant. Boys don’t.”

“Who-when-where-why-how-WHAT?” James, still.

Sirius maintained a straight face for another few seconds before bursting out laughing. “Just wanted to mess with you.” He shook his head, muttering derisively, “Pregnant!”

James’ sigh of relief was very audible.
Due South

Drabble: For Love

Another old one. After... OotP came out, I was really into crack pairings.

Title: For Love
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Aberforth/Goat
Word Count: 100
Originally posted: April 12, 2004

Goat was giving him the silent treatment.

“Don’t be like that,” Aberforth implored. “I don’t want to go either. But we have to.”

Goat sniffed disdainfully.

“I know Albus doesn’t approve of you.” Aberforth’s older brother had a few screws loose when it came to some things. “But the rest of my family will be there.”

Goat stared at him reproachfully.

“No, not Mad Cousin Alvin. They finally locked him up.”

Goat still refused to budge.

“Please? For me? It’s Christmas.”

Finally, Goat let out a sigh that sounded like a bray and acquiesced.

The things you do for love!
Due South

Drabble: Pre-emptive Strike

Title: Pre-emptive Strike
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James
Word count: 100
Written for: I suspect this was written that one year I managed to put drabbles in my Christmas cards, though I haven't the slightest idea whom I wrote this for.

The snow had stopped falling. The sun was out. Lily and James decided to go for a walk outside. Things were going nicely until James felt something cold and icy on his back. Lily had stuffed his coat with snow.

“Wh-what?” James chattered.

“Pre-emptive strike,” Lily said, grinning unabashedly.

“I’ll show you a pre-emptive strike,” James muttered, reaching down to scoop up some snow.

But Lily was ready for him. She belted him with a snowball and started to run, laughing madly. James chased after her and the snowball fight began in earnest.

This was why he loved that girl.
Due South

Ficlet: bad days

Here's what I found for the preamble in my Word file:

Trying to find a balance between insane-not-quite-right-in-the-head and comprehensible-not-quite-right-in-the-head. Don’t know how well I succeeded. This was written in response of Prongs’ request, even though I know it’s not what she was looking for. It’s what whispered to me, however.

Title: bad days
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius Black, phantoms of his mind
Word Count: 648
Written for: Prongs, on the SiriusXJames list. Yet, despite that, there's no hints of slash.

Some days in Azkaban were bad.

There were times when the moans and shrieks of Sirius’ fellow prisoners faded into droning whispers, when other images came into focus in front of his eyes. James’ body, twisted into an even more unnatural position than any contortions he’d attempted while playing Quidditch. A newspaper article, announcing the death of Regulus Black, because his family hadn’t even had the courtesy to inform him of his brother’s death.

But sometimes, sometimes what he saw was even worse.

“Padfoot,” James kneeled before him, shaking Sirius out of his daze. “Padfoot?”

“James?” Sirius’ voice was weak. It took three false tries before he could get the name out. “James? Prongs?”

“It’s me.”

“You’re dead,” Sirius said. “You’re dead, you’re dead, you’re dead, you’re dead, you’re dead, you’re dead, you’re dead.”

“Shhh.” James tried to calm him down. “Shush now. It wasn’t real. I’m here, can’t you see? I’m here for you now. I’m here for you always. I’ll never leave you again.”

“Azkaban makes you go mad.” It was a new voice, but a familiar one. Sirius stared in disbelief at his brother, dead and gone for even longer than James had been.

“Gus?” He could only manage the baby name he had for his brother, the name he now used in only the most intimate of settings. In front of anyone else, he would never dream of calling his brother that. It was their thing. (In front of James, it was okay, though, because James and Regulus they were so much alike even if they were so much different.)

“You know I would never actually join Voldemort, don’t you? Voldemort would have no reason to kill me if I didn’t join him.” Regulus proved himself, daring to speak the name that no Death Eater, anywhere, would dream of using. He had to be telling the truth.

“Gus!” Sirius was almost crying now in relief.

“Come on, Padfoot, it’s time to get up.”

“James. Regulus.” Proper names, this time.

“Your brothers. Both of us.” Which meant so much coming from Regulus who had always been so jealous of James. Not that James had any better feelings for Regulus. Except for those times—were they real? Were they real times? Were they a product of his fevered imagination, hallucinations that fed the Dementors? They couldn’t be, Sirius decided, for James and Regulus wouldn’t both be here in front of him otherwise.

They loved him and he loved them. It was what got him through his time in Azkaban.

“James. Regulus.” Brothers, though his feelings towards each were anything but brotherly the way most people defined the word. Sirius knew differently. Sirius knew how important closeness was. “But—”

“Come on, Sirius,” Regulus said, as impatient and nervous as he always was when they were younger, still getting along, and they were trying to get away with some mischief. It was as if he were hurrying away before their mother caught them, not hurrying away before the Dementors of Azkaban caught them. Sirius had missed his little brother so much.

“We’re going to get you out of here.” James’ voice brooked no argument. James always was so sure of himself. Sirius always loved that about James.

“James! Regulus!”

Sirius struggled to get up.

“Come on, Padfoot!”

Both headed towards the door.

“Hurry up, Sirius!”

Sirius hurried.

They left.

Sirius was blocked by the door.

The door wouldn’t open.

The door wouldn’t budge.

He looked out through the bars.

“Wait!” he cried. “Wait!”

But they didn’t wait. They were gone. Long gone. Long, long gone, gone and dead. And Sirius was left alone with only his imagination as company, his fantasies, his hopes, his dreams, and even those were quickly sucked up as the Dementors spied a fresh source of food.

“Come back,” he cried, real tears coming down. “Please. Please. Come back. Don’t leave me alone.”
Due South

Drabble-ish: Easier

Title: Easier
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: Sirius
Word Count: 322
Written for: nothing, I think. Once upon a time, I could write stories just because they were in my head, not just because I'd been prompted.

If he could sleep at nights, it would have been easier for Sirius. But he’d never needed more than a couple hours of rest at the best of times.

And no time after Azkaban could be considered the best of times…

If he wasn’t stuck in Grimmauld Place, it would have been easier for Sirius. But he lay awake at night, listening to the silence, the thick deadness that enveloped everything.

Azkaban was never quiet.

If he didn’t feel so trapped, it would have been easier for Sirius. But he can’t leave. He can’t go outside. He can’t escape to Hogwarts. He can’t run away to James’.

He can feel the walls closing in on him, can hear the house laughing at him for ever thinking he might escape his fate as a Black.

If he could keep his memories straight, it would have been easier for Sirius. But sometimes when he woke up, his hands would automatically reach for a calendar that he’d kept on his bedside table twenty years ago, one that he marked down the days until summer was over and he could return to Hogwarts. Sometimes he woke up, his mind made that he simply couldn’t do this any long and was going to run. James would take him in, he was sure of that. Sometimes he drank to forget but only wound up stumbling across James’ body, frozen in fear and broken along with the rest of Godric’s Hollow.

If he had someone with him, it would have been easier for Sirius. But James was dead. Lily was dead. Hell, his dear mother, father and stupid brother were all dead. Harry was at Hogwarts. Remus was on another mission for the Order. Peter was a traitor. Kreacher had even disappeared again.

If only the night was over. But it wouldn’t end. Keeping the house well lit did nothing stop the darkness from swallowing Sirius.

He was lost.
Due South

Ficlet: Every Time

Title: Every Time
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/James
Word Count: 646
Written for: ...something. Unfortunately, my computer had crashed between writing and posting, and the SiriusXJames group has been deleted, so I can't find the original prompt/challenge.

James was sighing, rather obviously, and moving impatiently as if he were on the verge of doing or saying something and biting his tongue at the last second every single time, but since this was all happening out of the corner of his eye, Sirius refused to acknowledge it. If James was going to tell him to shut up about his marks in Runes, then he wasn’t going to ask what James’ problem might be.

“Are you still sulking?” James asked at last.


“I’ve something that’ll cheer you up,” he said, sitting down on Sirius’ bed. Even though it was a little more obvious now what he was doing, Sirius still didn’t turn around and look at him.

“I’m not sulking,” he repeated before thinking better of it. “What will cheer me up?”

“Guess.” Sirius didn’t have to look at James to know there was a wide smile on his face, the type that Sirius loved so much.

“Okay,” Sirius said, thinking hard. “Jimmy Page.”

That took James aback. “What? Who--what?” He paused, as the reference clicked, then groaned. “Not that band again.”

James, for all that Sirius loved him, had a few, glaring faults, the most grievous of which was the fact that he refused to budge from his prejudice against Muggle music despite having heard otherwise. No matter how often Sirius listened to it, James refused to admit its superiority to the warbling of Celestina Warbeck and other such dreck. He only just recognized Led Zeppelin, along with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and only then because Sirius was constantly playing those few records he’d gotten on the Hogwarts black market (the Muggleborn Sarah Samuels in Ravenclaw was especially adept at transforming the Muggle technology into something more sensible that could be played even on Hogwarts grounds).

Sirius stopped glowering at his pillow long enough to flip onto his back and glower at James. “The greatest musicians known to man, centaur, werewolf, goblin and merman is not and should never be referred to ‘that band’.”

James rolled his eyes, but he didn’t try insulting Sirius again. “No, I don’t have Jimmy Plant.”

“Jimmy Page,” Sirius corrected.

“Sorry,” James said, although he really didn’t sound like he meant it. “Jimmy Page.”

“Robert Plant?” Sirius queried next.

“What?” He looked genuinely puzzled and Sirius wondered if James had forgotten what their conversation was even about because not recognizing the name wasn’t a possibility.

“Robert Plant,” Sirius repeated, a tad impatiently. “Is that what will cheer me up?”

“No,” James scowled. But since this time he remembered who Robert Plant was Sirius decided that, scowling aside, he didn’t have to give him yet another lecture on the merits of Led Zeppelin (the list of which, despite what James decried, was not topped by the mere fact that the members were all very shaggable).

“The hat!” Sirius said, triumphantly.

“Do you ever stop thinking about that band for more than two seconds?” James exploded. Sirius thought it a rather harsh way to tell him know, he had not guessed the manner of his cheering up correctly.

“Firstly,” Sirius said, sitting up because it was difficult to deliver a lecture when you were lying on your bed. “They are not--”

He didn’t get any further than that because James covered his mouth with his own. By the time they came up again for air, Sirius wasn’t feeling very inclined to continue with the scolding. After all, had much better things to occupy his time now.

Sirius was grinning like a mad man, he knew, and James noticed it, too. “Still feeling sulky?” he teased lightly.

“No.” That was the extent of the conversation Sirius was willing have right then, but James wouldn’t let them get back to snogging just yet.

“Works every time,” he added smugly.

Funnily enough, Sirius had been thinking the exact same thing.

Drabble-ish: Horizon

Title: Horizon
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: Bellatrix
Word Count: 281

Bellatrix knew that something was going to happen from the way that the Dementors had been acting. It was easy enough to predict what was going on in the prison based on the ebb and flow of memories, so long as one had the presence of mind to track their intensity against the arrival of a new prisoner, the death of an old one and anything else in between. But then, no one in Azkaban kept their sanity so no one could truly predict what the Dementors would do next.

But still, she knew intuitively if not rationally, that something was different now. The last time their presence had been so removed was when that Muggle-loving blood-traitor had left Azkaban—and even then, the clarity that came from the absence of Dementors was interspersed with blocks of time that Bellatrix couldn’t remember at all, and didn’t want to remember. Moments when the guards were allowed to show their true fury that one of their prey was gone, moments when the humans weren’t swarming the prison, interrogating the remaining residents, trying to figure out how Sirius Black could leave.

But now, the Dementors were hesitant. They were distant.

They were letting the Dark Lord’s followers go free.

Bellatrix walked out of the prison the same way she entered it: her head high, her steps sure and her purpose plain, clear and unwavering. Ignoring her smug brother-in-law who hadn’t been willing to sacrifice anything for the Dark Lord, Bellatrix looked into the distance, her first glimpse in a dozen years of something that wasn’t marred by bars or stone or Dementor-induced specters of the past.

She soaked in the sight and she smiled.
Beauty and the Beast

Ficlet: Sloth

Title: Sloth
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James
Word Count: 1474
Written for: lilyandjames's First Ever Fic Challenge (and thank god for that, since the version I had on my harddrive was scrambled).

Lily and James lay in bed, side by side, their hands resting on top of each others on Lily’s extended stomach.

“Jennifer?” James suggested.

“Marie,” Lily countered.

“Sirius,” said Sirius, who was on the bed beside them. He’d come by earlier and, when Lily had expressed a desire to laze around all day and not antagonize her sore feet any more, he’d hopped into their bed with them.

“We’re discussing girls names, Sirius,” Lily said with more patience than a pregnant woman need legally have.

“Sirius can be a girl’s name,” Sirius said.

“We’re not naming our baby girl Sirius.” Lily was firm on that point.

“Fine. I’m sure your son would prefer to be named Sirius.”

“We’re not naming our son after you, either.” James was more amused than his wife. Then again, he had chosen Sirius as a friend of his own free will; Lily had sort of inherited him when she married James.

“So you’re not naming your daughter after me. You’re not naming your son after me. What are you expecting to have? A three-toed sloth?”

“We’re simply not naming our baby after you, regardless of its gender,” Lily said, not willing to play Sirius’ game.

“Or species,” James added, to stave off anything further Sirius could say.

“What in bloody hell are you expecting, then?” Sirius demanded.

“I suppose it would be too much to expect you to take this as anything but a joke,” Lily said, referring to her and James’ attempts to name the baby.

“I’m taking this very seriously, indeed,” Sirius said. “This is, after all, my namesake we’re talking about.”

“We’re not naming the baby after you,” James said with such finality in his voice that even Sirius had to take heed.

“What’s wrong with my name?”

“For one thing, it’s Sirius,” Lily said.

“You certainly know how to hurt a bloke’s feelings, Lil,” said Sirius.

“How about we ask you to be the baby’s godfather, instead,” James asked.

“It’s a start,” Sirius said, with a sniff. “Throw in a bottle of Ogden’s Old Firewhiskey, and you have a deal.”

“No, Padfoot, I mean it.” James rolled over and looked at his best friend. His expression had lost all trace of humour.

Sirius rolled over, too. His throat was dry. “What?” It was all he could say.

“Lil and I have been thinking about it. We can’t think of anyone we would rather have as the baby’s godfather,” James told him.

Sirius looked to Lily as if he still couldn’t be sure if James was serious and was expecting her to reveal it was only a joke, but she only nodded in confirmation. “Really?” he asked, still not daring believe it.

“Really,” James assured him.

“Really, Sirius. You would make a wonderful godfather. You’re going to spoil the baby rotten as it is. We may as well formalize it,” Lily said.

“Are you sure?” Sirius couldn’t put his doubts to rest. “I mean, I’m hardly the best role model.”

Lily snorted. “You aren’t going to get any arguments from me. But then, James is hardly the best role model out there either, and the poor kid is going to be stuck with him as a father.”

James used his pillow to resoundingly smack his wife. Lily tried to defend herself, but found it hard to do while laughing.

“Stop beating up the pregnant lady!” she cried.

“You deserve it,” James said resolutely.

“Sirius, some help? It’s your future godson or goddaughter that James is attacking here.”

“Or god-three-toed-sloth,” James added. “Don’t forget the three-toed sloth.”

“Sorry, Prongs,” Sirius said, looking anything but sorry. “But I have to agree with Lil here. That’s my godson or daughter or three-toed sloth you’re attacking.”

He did his best to advance on James – a task which wasn’t as easy as it sounded considering they were all still more-or-less laying on the bed. He did manage to tear the pillow away from James and the two engaged in a brief tug-of-war over it. Lily was still laughing too hard to help either one. The scuffle lasted a few more minutes before through some unspoken signal, they decided to gang up on Lily instead.

“Stop! Stop!” she cried. “Oh! Oh!” The last two were sharper, more serious. James and Sirius immediately ceased.

“What’s wrong?” James asked, anxiety playing in his voice. “Did we hurt you?”

“No.” Lily smiled. “The baby kicked. That’s all.”

“What? Has that happened before?” Sirius asked excitedly.

“Only once or twice. He or she’s just learning.”

James blinked, still stunned. “The baby...” he trailed off.

“Kicked,” Lily repeated. She guided his hands to rest on her belly. “Here. Do you feel it?”

“The baby kicked,” James said in what others were quickly learning to recognize as his “proud papa” voice. “Did you hear that, Padfoot? The baby kicked!”

Sirius, who was no less amazed by the whole ordeal that James, nodded wordlessly. He was the only one of their friends who would never become exasperated with the Potters whenever they went into painstaking detail about what had happened or what they could expect in the coming weeks or month of Lily’s pregnancy. He was just as awed by the whole process as they were.

“Do you want to feel?” Lily asked.

Again, Sirius nodded. She guided his hand so that it rested beside James. The baby kicked. Sirius was convinced that he felt the outline of the little foot against Lily’s skin. “It’s amazing.” His voice was raw.

James was speechless, but he from the look on his face, he obviously agreed.

“It’s like you have a little life inside of you,” said Sirius.

“I do. That’s what happens when a girl gets pregnant,” Lily teased gently.

“It’s still . . . ” Words failed him.

James understood the sentiment. “I know. We made that. We made that.”

Lily looked at him lovingly. “We did.”

Sirius withdrew his hand, feeling as if he were interrupting a private moment. His action didn’t go unnoticed by James or Lily.

“We really do want you to be the baby’s godfather, Sirius,” Lily said earnestly and somehow, coming from her, it meant more. “We know you would be great.”

“Despite not being the best role model,” James added.

“Or even being a role model,” Lily said.

“So will you do it?” James asked anxiously.

A grin split over Sirius’ face. “Do you really need to ask? Of course I’ll do it!”

“Thanks, Padfoot. We knew we could count on you,” James said.

“And if anything were – if anything were to happen to us,” Lily said, “You’ll look after the baby, won’t you?”

“I would never let anything happen to any child of yours,” Sirius swore. “Ever. Wild Hippogriffs couldn’t stop me. They could lock me up in the deepest, darkest, dankest pits of hell, and I’d find a way to get out. Nothing would stop me from protecting your baby.”

“We know,” James said. “That’s why we want you to be the godfather.”

“Well, now that that’s settled, we just have to decide what we’re calling your goddaughter or godson,” Lily said.

“How about Padfoot?”

“Sirius,” Lily whined.

“You said you wouldn’t name it Sirius; you said nothing about not naming it after me,” Sirius protested.

“Actually, I did,” James said. “So you’re out of luck, Padfoot. Besides, it would be confusing having two Padfeet running about.”

“And into things,” Lily added.

“Hogwarts,” Sirius suggested.

“Who invited you here again?” Lily complained.

“No one. He followed me home,” James said. “Can we keep him? Please? Can we?”

“I don’t think I ever had any say in that,” said Lily.

“Okay then, if not Hogwarts, then Foggywaters. ”

“Foggywaters?” James beat Lily with the outcry. “Are you crazy? Oh wait, I forgot who I was talking about. Of course you are.”

“How ‘bout Sloth?”

“Sirius, think for a minute. How do you think our son or daughter is going to feel growing up with a name like ‘Sloth’?” Lily chided.

“Well that would just be stupid,” Sirius said, unnaturally sensibly. “I stopped trying to name your kids ages ago. It’s obvious that you two have no taste when it comes to names. You’re probably going to end up calling the poor kid something like Nancy or Randy.”

“Then what does Sloth mean, or should I be afraid to ask?”

“It’s for my baby,” Sirius said.

“Your baby?” Lily asked.

James, who had an inkling of what Sirius meant, groaned. “Please don’t tell me you’re referring to your bike.”

“Of course I am! My baby needs a name too. I’m thinking Sloth. In honour of my god-three-toed-sloth that Lil will be popping out in another couple months.”

James looked at Lily. Lily looked at James. He smirked and she rolled her eyes. Then they both grabbed pillows and teamed up to attack Sirius.

Ficlet: Three Things

Title: Three Things
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Bellatrix
Word Count: 768
Written for: a FAP challenge back in 2004. Something along the lines of "three things that never happened" in honour of the leap year.

February 29, 1975

Few people came to this part of the castle. It was too cold and drafty—especially in late February. But Sirius found himself there nonetheless.

“What are you doing here all alone, my dear cousin?”

“Go away, Bellatrix,” Sirius said, not surprised when she took that as an invitation to sit down beside him.

“I heard you tried to kill Severus,” she said.

“He deserved it,” Sirius said viciously.

“Your friends don’t agree. Are they even your friends anymore? How long has it been since they even talked to you? Two? Three weeks?”

Sirius refused to look at her. “Shut up.”

“But then, they’re Gryffindors. What can you expect?” Bellatrix continued.

“I said, shut up.”

Bellatrix reached over and brushed the hair out of his face. “Do you want me to go?”

“Since when have you ever done what I want you to do?” Sirius asked.

“That’s not an answer.” Her hand was still resting on his cheek and, almost against his will, he leaned into it.

“No. Don’t go,” he almost whispered, hating himself for it. But Bellatrix was the only one who would talk to him anymore and Sirius hated being alone.

Bellatrix’s hand slipped to the back of his head and Sirius kissed her. It reminded him of old times, when they were both still at home.

“Come home, Sirius.” Bellatrix was breathing heavily, causing her voice to sound husky.

Sirius didn’t answer right away, but only because he resented her pulling away from him to ask the question. He didn’t need to think about the decision. When they next took time to breathe, he said, “Yes.”


February 29, 1977

“He’s having an affair.”

Sirius didn’t look up from his parchment at Bellatrix’s announcement. “Who’s having an affair,” he asked, not particularly caring about the answer.


“I heard. Why do you think I care?” Sirius watched warily as Bellatrix balled up her fist, ready to duck in case she gave into temptation and tried to hit him.

“That’s not what you say to a lady when she tells you her fiancé is cheating on her,” Bellatrix said.

“Firstly, you’re not a lady, Bellatrix. Secondly, what did you expect? Of course he’s having an affair. It’s what you people do.”

“The entire school knows.

“You knew what you were getting into,” Sirius said without any sympathy. “You chose this life.”

Bellatrix changed the direction of the conversation. “Remember when we were younger?” Her tone was almost wistful. “We used to talking about leaving. You always hated it. Do you remember?”

Sirius had stopped pretending to do his homework by now. “I remember,” he said carefully, not sure where she was going with this.

“And you did. You left as soon as you were old enough,” Bellatrix said, but without her usual malice. It didn’t even sound like an accusation, for once.

“I did.” Sirius couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“I didn’t. And now I’m marrying a boy who won’t even pretend that we love each other. Who doesn’t even care enough to be discreet in his affairs.”

“You can still leave.”

“Leave?” Bellatrix laughed. “Where? You had friends. I don’t. At least none that would help me.”

“You could stay at James’.”

“Potter?” Bellatrix laughed. “He hates me.”

“You can always go back to Rodolphus,” Sirius said, heartlessly.

Bellatrix was silent for a minute. “Potter, you say?”


February 29, 1981

February 29 had long held a special place in the wizarding world. It marked the end of the civil wars of the 1600s, caused by disagreement over the treatment of Muggles. Ever since, February 29 was a day of remembrance, a day for peace and reconciliation, especially among family members. Too many families had been torn apart during the wars. Brother had fought against brother. Father against son. Husband against wife.

Ever since, witches and wizards marked the day by doing a random act of kindness. One good deed every four years (normally) wasn’t too strenuous a task.

Bellatrix’s good deed for the day was not to try to kill or maim Sirius, even though he was completely unaware that she was there. She could have snuck up behind him and he would never have known that she was there. But she didn’t.

Sirius’ good deed for the day was to not call the Order or Aurors, even though he had seen things that would make them lock Bellatrix in Azkaban and throw away the key.

That they quickly ended up naked, using a pile of boxes as a makeshift bed, had nothing to do with the day at all.