December 23rd, 2007

Due South

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So today was probably not the best day to go Christmas tree hunting. It's raining. Pretty miserably. On top of the snow that we got last weekend, which makes it a little messy. And my coat does the v-neck thing, so it doesn't cover my collar bone. And for some reason, I decided that I didn't want my scarf to get wet (don't ask). And apparently I left one glove in Toronto.

But on the plus side, everyone else in the world thought it too miserable a day to go Christmas tree hunting, so it was us and one other car on the lot. Which meant we got to drive right up to where the trees were, instead of having to march it back over a kilometre of slippery, muddy snow, like we would normally do.

And if that wasn't enough, mom and dad's new place have high, eleven-foot ceilings, which meant we had to get a tall tree this year so that it wouldn't look dwarfish in their house. We've never got a tree that big before. We might not do it again.

The thing almost fell out of the trunk three times on the ride home. Had to pull over to the side of the road and fix it and everything.

Of course, now we have a house that smells like fresh spruce, so I'm no longer complaining.

Now I'm off with my dad to go probably not finish my shopping.