October 3rd, 2007

Due South

Drabble: Awe

I am currently not writing a report that's due today at 6 pm and, of course, am fooling around on my computer instead. I found this, that apparently I wrote for the AWE challenge over at BPS but never posted. Mostly because it's just a tad too predictable. But since I've signed up for Nanowrimo again this year, I have to start getting over my hatred of my writing, and to do that I have to start posting things I've written. And, you know, start writing again...

Title: Awe
Character: Will
Word Count: 100

Brown, when he’d started into his drinks but was not so far gone as to be slurring his words or falling to the ground, would sometimes talk of his family, lost long before he took Will as an apprentice.

“Boy,” he would say. “There is nothing like the first look at your own son, his tiny hands grasping at your finger, his toes, perfect, so small. So very small.”

The first time Will saw his own son, he had long ago outgrown that that helpless, marvel stage that Brown described, but he still filled Will with a sense of awe.