August 17th, 2007

Due South

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Am drunk. Am wondering what it is about being drunk that makes it so appealing. Seriously, a somewhat disconnect from reality? Am I not some sort of control freak or something? Why does this not freak me out more? Why am I reaching for more wine?

Am now going to prove that I can form a proper and correct sentence.

Seriously, drunkenss aside, today was my "last" day at work. But even though I've been telling everyone that this is the case, it so isn't. I've always known that I'm working part time until mid-September, but I really thought I'd have gotten more done by this point so that I could goof off more leading up to my time back at school. This has not proven to be the case. Part of this is caused by this stupid, stupid government proposal we had to submit this week. That meant I got to work early and stayed late every single day this week. And I mean serious stayed late at work. Monday, I only left because we had no internet (and even then, it was half an hour after I usually left); Tuesday, only twenty minutes because I was meeting a friend; Wednesday, an hour and a half, Thursday, two hours; today, Friday, only an hour and a half, because it was Friday, for God's sake, and I didn't want to stay until eight or anything insane like that.

But there's still one major project I have to finish at work. Everything else can wait until the new person officially starts, but not this. It's going to completely cut into my sit on my ass and do nothing time.

Of course, on the other hand, it means I legitimately have more time to bill my boss. I'm thinking that in the long run, the money should win out over the do nothing-ness. But still, it kind of ruins my claims that today was my last day at work.