July 12th, 2007


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So I wasn't supposed to go see Harry Potter tonight. I was supposed to be so wiped out from my day at work. Yet, despite the fact that I didn't get much sleep last night (at least, comparatively), I am so very, very wired today.

And it's not because of the Harry Potter movie. I'm blaming the Benadryl I took the other day for my mosquito bites.

So I called my friend up after work and said we could go tonight instead of waiting for the weekend, as had been the original plan. Except, we got to the theatre and both the 7 and 8 o'clock shows were sold out.

That actually worked out to my benefit. It gave me plenty of time to waste, which meant I could go get drunk.

Movies are better when drunk. I've learned that. When my friend gave me a weird look when I shared that wisdom, I reminded her of how much I complained about movies sucking when we were in high school. Well, that was because I didn't go to movies drunk back then.

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Due South

Drabble: Untameable

Title: Untameable
Word Count: 100
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

His mother always warned him against falling in love with a goddess.

"Davy, my boy," she'd say, "such matches always end in heartbreak. They aren't like you or me, the gods."

She was right; Calypso wasn't like anyone else. She was wild, she was cruel, demanding the world and in the same breath loving with a passion unmatched by any mortal.

When she approached with a way for him to remain in her life forever, Davy couldn't resist her. One day for ten years was much to ask, but the payoff was for all eternity. Their love was worth it.

...Personally, now I'm really curious as to why Mrs. Jones tried to warn her Davy against falling in love with a goddess...