July 2nd, 2007

Due South

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I have a dilemna.

I have an entire shelf on my bookcase that is empty. It's just begging for me to go out and BUY MORE BOOKS!

Except, I counted. There are 44 books on that very same bookshelf that I have not yet read, since I am oh-so attracted to buying bargain books at Chapters. Let alone going to used book stores.

So, do I buy more books or no?

This dilemna was developed in a roundabout fashion. You know that life I was blogging about earlier? That one that people keep on trying to force upon me? It let up this weekend... mostly because every single one of my friends left the city for the weekend. But that was alright. I went up to my parents' house for Friday and Saturday dinner, though my dad might be sick, so that didn't turn out as well as I'd originally hoped, and I celebrated Canada's birthday and my day off today by cleaning my place.

I mean, really cleaning.

Seven bags of recycling and six bags of garbage worth of recycling.

Alright, two bags of each I was already working on, and the bags were only grocery bag size, but on the plus side, I've finally unpacked my last box from my move. Yes, that move to my new place that I bought over a year ago now. Oops? But I also reorganized my bookshelf, and moved it over into the corner of the room that that last box had been occupying, making room for me to move over my couch, so that it will line up with the tv stand across from it, instead of being on this weird diagonal.

I did all this instead of starting to reread the Harry Potter books, as had been my original plan. But that might have something to do with the way that I can't for the life of me figure out where my copy of Philosopher's Stone is. And my copy of Sorcerer's Stone is packed up in a box in my parents' basement, waiting for their move in less than two weeks.


I just might have to buy myself another copy of it. Maybe a hardcover to go with the rest of my hardcovers?

But then, if I'm going for a set, then I'll have to for sure buy the kid's version of... WTF, I don't know what the last book is called off the top of my head. Deathly Hallows, right? But then, I'm still convinced that the last book to have come out is OotP, not HBP. HBP just doesn't roll off my finger tips as quickly as all the other acronyms. But then, it was one of my least favourite of the books...
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