May 29th, 2007

Due South

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I keep on getting distracted from jumping back into the PotC fandom with both feet. First by a wedding (Saturday). Then by a recovery from a wedding (entirely way too much of all of Sunday). Then by going to see the movie again (and it stood up to the second viewing, so YAY). And then by deciding I needed to take a bath and realizing the ten pages left in my old book wasn't enough to calm me down enough to write (becaues AWE? totally has me in the writing mood for the first time in probably a year) and started an entirely too addictive book that had so many initial similarities to Supernatural that had me checking for the March 2006 copywrite date and making me realize it was such a case of syncronicity. And then reading more into it, getting away from all the freaky coincidences, and still be entirely enthralled.

But fic, I promise, before the week is out. Wow. How weird does that seem?