May 7th, 2007

Due South

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I had a great weekend. I celebrated Cinco de Mayo by going out for dim sum, then trying to score as many free comic books as possible. Yesterday, I walked up to my parents' house -- cutting through David Belfour Park and Mount Pleasant Cemetary, which meant that of my two hours' walk through the city, an hour of it was spent walking through woods, parks and a large portion of the rest was relatively quiet residential areas.

There was some pretty graffiti, so I'll have to do that walk again with my camera sometime before my parents move in mid-July.

Today, I had to work, but I went bra shopping after work, so I now have new bras! Including my first white bra since I used to buy sports bras solely, at large department stores (aka, when I bought really dumpy, unflattering and non-fitting bras).