December 28th, 2006

Due South

Home again, home again

Actually, I got home last night. But last night involved me downloading (but not reading) my e-mail before realizing that I had no food in the house, so having to go out to get something to eat, before realizing I didn't feel like going on my computer so turning on my tv, before realizing that I didn't really want to watch Return of the King, which was on CBC, so digging out my copy of Fellowship of the Ring and putting that on before realizing that what I really wanted to do was read the book, since the opening scenes are just that much better in the book than they are in the movie, before realizing what I really, REALLY wanted to do was go to sleep.

So I slept for twelve hours and then lazed around in bed for another hour and a half this morning.

It was a very nice change from the last few days. I know everyone goes on about how it doesn't seem like Christmas, it doesn't seem like Christmas, then all of a sudden it's here. But then, it doesn't go away.

As I said before, we opened gifts on Christmas Eve this year. Which was actually very nice. But it did mean that for the first time ever, Santa didn't come. Didn't have a chance to. My sister and I were both very disappointed when we realized that all the presents were signed "Mom and Dad" and my dad did our stockings.

Anyway, Christmas morning we were up bright and early to head to Hamilton to my grandma's house. Actually, we got there so early that she wasn't there; she was still at mass. Luckily, Mom has a key, so we got to laze around my grandma's place for the first half hour. Mom and my sister also got to laze around to the point of taking naps all afternoon, but I went over to my friend's house instead. Not that I'm complaining about that, since it's always wonderful to see her. I picked up my aunt on the way back, and the rest of the family arrived soon afterwards.

I got to sleep in a bit later on Boxing Day, but apparently a bit too long. Actually, that's not true. As always, we did not know what time the festivities in Belleville started. We never know. Even though apparently this year, we received an e-mail telling us the time. A time that ALL OF US are convinced is at least an hour earlier than usual. Plus, at the last moment, we thought things through and realized that since my dad was sick and therefore not coming, then it made more sense for us to carpool with our cousins who are also in Toronto, instead of taking two cars down. So we planned to leave at 1, and technically did leave at 1, but since my parents live right on the highway, and my cousins live twenty minutes away from my parents, we didn't actually get out of Toronto until 1:40. And apparently things started at 1:30. Oops?

In any case, it was much fun. And we got pictures taken this year. More importantly, I got pictures taken this year, since I actually remembered to bring my camera. That's the only thing on my to-do list today: upload my pictures and send links to my cousins.

The usual poker game was truncated, because the usual uncle that holds the usual poker game was also sick (actually, probably a quarter of my family was sick this year) so we held it at another aunt's house. But she hadn't been stockpiling quarters, and it's just not as fun to throw in two dimes and a nickel as it is to throw a quarter into the pot. And about four of the people who usually make up the usual poker players were sick and/or just not there. But we played for a bit. I learned definitively how to play Up and Down the River and Mexican. And of the four hands I played, I won three, so all in all, it wasn't such a bad night.

Of course, the night wasn't over then. The aunt whose house we played poker at wasn't the same aunt whose house we slept over at. The aunt whose house we slept over at is the same house that everyone sleeps over at, even all the cousins who live within three kilometres. Actually, I lie. Some people had to work yesterday, so the fifteen of us jammed in there is significantly fewer than other years.

But it meant late to bed and early to rise. Well, for me at least. I can't seem to sleep in at other people's houses anymore. Unfortunately, that seems to include my parents' house. The rest of my cousins managed to sleep in quite nicely, though in their defence, as soon as we woke them up because I wanted to go to lunch, they got ready really quickly. Well, at least the older ones did. The two youngest, who were awake the entire time, and sitting with us while we made the plans, didn't clue in to what we were doing and didn't clue in when I point-blank told them they were welcome to come with us -- unfortunately, I mistook the shrug and turn back towards the tv as indifference instead of the not-listening-to-me-when-I-talked-to-them that it was and only start getting ready when we were getting our coats on.

Mom called us just when we were finishing our lunch (the aunts all go out for lunch themselves, which was why I was gung-ho on going out to lunch) and asked my sister and I if we were ready to go. Of course, we found out after we packed the car, that we were about half an hour ahead of her, since they were still eating and we'd rushed out for nothing. Oh well. I drove home... to my actual home. I'd packed up my Christmas presents before I left, and I really wanted to sleep in my own bed, so they dropped me off at my place before they went back home.

Presents, possible picture spam, and other odds and ends later.