December 2nd, 2006

Due South

I am drunk.

You can tell I am back because I am drunk posting. It is similar to drunk dialing, except that me being me, I hate paying for any phone calls much less phone calls I make while slightly intoxicated, therefore you get to suffer my drunken non-wrath as opposed to others.

So, important things that happened today were that I learned I could do simple addition and subtraction in my sleep. By which I mean I literally worked out a simple equation in a dream last night.

When I woke up, I frantically cleaned because my aunt, uncle and cousins want to see my place. Except it's a mess. And it's slightly better now than when I woke up, but not quite at the showing people plateau of things. So I have to sneak out of the house tomorrow, rush home, vacuum, at the very least, then sneak back so they can drive me home and see.

My cousin does not think that I seem drunk. Does she want me to say anything else right now? No, not really. Instead, she is going back to bed. What should the subject be? It should be I am drunk.

"Can people actually see this?" she asks, giggling slightly. Yet, I have no answer to her. At least none that has proof beyond my own words. So please, someone reply to this before morning breaks so that I can prove this to her.

I will post tomorrow.