October 27th, 2006

Due South

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Ugly Betty gets better each week.

I've been quiet lately. Not just as in absent from Livejournal, but I've been holing up and trying not to speak or something like that. I think I might be over my... whatever it was. Maybe. Hopefully.

I'm pretty sure it all narrows down to two things: my minor breakdown in which I (kinda) quit school and the fact that last Thursday I had a headache bad enough that I took some Axert. Only to remember the next morning that I'd had two glasses of wine not even an hour earlier.

I was so knocked out that I missed a 7-alarm, 150+ firemen sent to it fire two blocks away. (The Queen St paint fire, for those Torontonians who would've heard the news.) And I'm not exagerrating how close it was, nor how serious it was, nor how many firemen were sent to it.

Then my body decided to rebel and I stayed awake for the next 39 hours.

Again, not exagerrating. I did not rest my head once. I only took off my glasses to take a shower.

I also went to Ikea about 26 hours into the awakefullness. It was the best trip to Ikea I've ever been on. I usually hate Ikea, but this trip wasn't bad.

My mommy bought me a dresser (long story, but basically, she stole my old one, which is why she bought the new one) and I bought curtains (finally!) and some lovely absolutely wonderful shelves for my bathroom. Oh, and Christmas lights. I bought myself Christmas lights! It's... well, hard to describe the feeling of buying Christmas lights for your very first place all on your own. Added to the fact that I've never put lights up before...