October 21st, 2006

Due South

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At parents'. Chiropractic appointment went well; which is especially easily to do when you define "well" as "didn't suggest or insist on surgery"...

Watched part of yesterday's ER -- or possibly ER's "previously ons" in which someone asked... Neela? if someone was "a roommate with benefit". I laughed, because who uses that term?

So Mom turns to me and says "Eff buddies."

And for own, personal record, yesterday I was smart enough to have two glasses of wine, then forget it halfway through Supernatural when I decided I NEEDED an Axert, put on some torture on a stick, then slept through till the alarm went off at 6 a.m. And by slept through, meaning I missed the 7-alarm, 150-firemen strong fire three blocks away from me...

For posterity, original edit of this post read "Christopractic"