October 6th, 2006

Cartoon me

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I am giddy. I just argued with Rogers Cable to drop a connection fee and I WON! With no fuss at all! I was all ready to fax over my initial work order/invoice which does not tell me I had to pay a connection fee, but the guy just took my word for it!

Certainly makes up for the ungiddiness that was me this morning when I finally admitted summer was over and put on my running shoes for the first time since May. Seriously, I haven't worn them once since I moved to my new places; they were even hiding in my parents' closet until two weeks ago. But still, sandals, how I miss thee!

I bought a new jacket yesterday and I love it. My old one, which has done me very well for five years, broke a button the other day. Now, I could have just found a new one, but I figured five years is good run.

I will probably post pictures at the end of the weekend, because tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and new hair cuts always make me want to take admiring pictures of myself.

Plus, it's Thanksgiving, so I'm visiting my dad's side of the family tomorrow and my mom's side on Monday. And I'll have the chance to drink for the first time in two weeks.