September 8th, 2006

Cartoon me

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Hell day at work.

Someone please explain to me why I looked right at my bottle of white wine this morning and then decided against putting it in the fridge?

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I have this theory that Canadians (Ontarians?) use other people's IDs for their fakes and that Americans buy something that has their real picture on it. This is based on my very limited experience as a first year in which all the Americans on our floor couldn't believe the way we Canadians borrowed a random 19+ ID that had the same hair colour/basic features of us to get in to bars and clubs.

So the question is: if you have/had a fake ID, did you borrow someone elses, or did you buy something that had your actual picture on it, but a fake name/birth date? Or something else entirely?

(My mom used her friend's handwritten baptismal certificate, altering the date. My dad had the randomest thing ever, saying he weighted 225 and was over 6 feet. He never reached 6 feet and was a very skinny teenager. The only time my sister's ID was taken was the one time she borrowed my driver's license--and she had to drive me up to the restaurant the next day so that I could get it back. And I have no fun or interesting story to insert here seeing as I was very straight/boring and only drank at places they didn't ID me.)