July 24th, 2006

Due South

Did you bring me any silver?

The fire alarm went off last night. I was very blasé about it--once I figured out what the hell that beeping noise was. Seriously, my building's fire alarm sounds nothing like a fire alarm should. Well, plus it was after I'd fallen asleep so it took me forever to wake up enough to realize there was potentially something going on. Then, just when I decided that maybe I should get dressed and see what the fuss was about, they did this announcement-thingie over the intercom and I decided that it was almost certainly a false alarm--and that it was also in an entirely different section of the building so therefore I was waiting until they told

In other news, I'm currently obsessed with No Heaven by Champion and think everyone should download it and listen.

No Heaven by Champion -- Oops, the original link wasn't an MP3, but this one is.
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