May 29th, 2006

C'est La V

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Of course, I decide to spend the night at my parents' house the night before a transit strike. Well, I don't think "decide" is the right word. It happened more along the lines of me falling asleep on their couch at 7 last night and not waking up again until 7 this morning when my mom came downstairs with the bad news.

Left their house around 7:45, planning to catch a ride in with my Dad (who works in the complete opposite direction, but he was being nice). Being nice ended when it took us 45 min to get down to Eglinton. I could walk faster than that.

So he turned around and I walked the rest of the way. For those who know T.O., it was Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton to King and University. For those who don't, that's 7.5 km (or just under 5 miles).

Got into work just before 10.

Fun! What a great way to finish a moving-weekend!