May 8th, 2006

Due South

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Why don't I ever learn?

I stayed overnight at my parents, because I started my period yesterday and they have a nice tub, with jacuzzi jets, which are nice for cramps as opposed to my tub, which is perpetually dirty, no matter how hard I scrub at it. But, of course, I didn't have any work clothes there. So I promised myself I'd wake up early and stop by my apartment before I went to work.


I ended up raiding my sister's closet. Which would have been better, except apparently, she has skinnier legs than I do, so the pants were just a bit too tight, and apparently the outfit I chose about two minutes before I had to leave was a lot more casual on than it looked off.

Oh well. I'd say you live and you learn, but I obviously will not learn from this experience seeing as I haven't yet learned from identical experiences.

Then I came home and found out that when my roommate moved out, he accidentally took all three bloody rolls of Saran Wrap that we had. He didn't even need one (I asked--especially seeing as it was he who always forgot that we had the damned thing, or couldn't notice it since you have to move something to see it, and bought more). But I need one, and of course I don't discover that it's gone until after I've gone to the grocery store and need to wrap up dinner...