May 4th, 2006


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So I woke up at 2 last night and decided to turn my damned computer off, downloads be damned. Except, apparently Veronica Mars had finished downloading and Supernatural only had eight minutes left, so there went that brilliant idea. While waiting for Supernatural to finish, I started to watch VM. Which was very, very good. I love that show.

Supernatural, too, except that I'd already seen it. I was up at my parents' last weekend. My mom was listening in from the kitchen, which I find means that she is less tolerant of the show. When she comes in and watches it, she doesn't make a single snarky remark.

She thinks the boys cry too much. Which made me laugh, at first, seeing as the whole "no chick flick moments" thing has taken a life of its own in fandom. But she is right that there were a lot of "emotional" moments in last week's epi...

I can't help but remember that if only I had a tv, I could be watching the season finale in an hour (two hours?)