April 7th, 2006


(no subject)

Hell week is almost over. I finally have a chance to breathe again today--mostly because the phone has only rung about three times all day. It's Friday and it's grey: no one wants to work. Which means I have been able to finally (fingers crossed) catch up. And clean off my desk.

Soon I get to go home, do the dishes, probably ignore my computer (except to watch the new episode of Supernatural), sweep everything off my floor and under my bed so I at least don't have to look at it until I start cleaning tomorrow and start a book, because for the first time in months, I feel like reading novels. Maybe because I bought a couple a few days ago, including Jostein Gaarder's The Orange Girl. Then I'm torn between opening a bottle of wine or falling to sleep at around 7.

Decisions, decisions!