March 16th, 2006

In the Dark

(no subject)

I've made about a million mental LJ entries in the last few days, but haven't had the chance to get to a computer and write them down. Then, of course, I forget them all.

It's been busy at work. Nothing too strenuous, just a bunch of little things. Plus, I'm learning (from scratch, without help) how to convert DVDs to AVIs in order to edit them. Fun, fun! The only thing is, it takes forever and ever to do.

I'm also more tired than I have any right to do considering how much sleep I've gotten lately. Seriously, every day this week has been go to work, meet with friends/go to class/something like that, go home and fall asleep almost immediately. Sleep at least eight hours. My place is even more of a mess than usual because I haven't had the chance to do anything. And I won't, not until probably Sunday. I'm going out tonight and tomorrow and probably heading up to my parents' after that. I want to go furniture shopping. I know I can't buy anything yet, and I don't even have measurements or anything handy like that, but I want to go furniture shopping.

Also, the coffee at my work tastes better than any office coffee has the right to taste.