February 26th, 2006

Cartoon me

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Am drunk. Though that's hardly a surprise consider by any conservative estimates, I've still had a bottle and a half of red wine tonight. But it was good red wine, so it's all worth it. Much better than last night, when I went through all the trouble of buying a half-bottle of white because it had been so long since I'd had white wine, only to a) have it taste horrible and b) get considerably tipsy off of one frigging drink.

Conversation with Mom earlier today:

ME: Yeah, it's hard because [good friend and guy she's attracted to] keep on dancing around and almost doing something, but then freaking out and deciding they're better as friends than... [mumbles] friends with benefits.[/mumbles]

MOM: Yeah. What do they call them. Sex buddies?

ME: Fuck buddies, more often. But I wasn't going to say it.

MOM: Oh.

ME: Oh.

MOM: Yeah, we didn't have those when I was younger. Things would have been easier.

ME: Yeah, no. We have them now and they just make things more complicated. Remember how we got into this conversation, with good friend and her friend dancing around the fuck buddy sphere?

MOM: Oh.

ME: Oh.