November 18th, 2005

Due South

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So I did not see Harry Potter on opening night. I was supposed to, but it snowed again today. And the snow actually stayed on the ground this time. And then black ice formed. This was a problem since I was supposed to see Harry Potter in Peterborough, which is about an hour and a half away (usually, at least), right around where the roads were supposed to be especially trecherous.

Besides which, it took me close to two hours to get to my parents' house where I was going to pick up the car instead of the forty minutes it was supposed to take. And since the drive to Peterborough was bound to be slow, too, I probably wouldn't have made the 10 showtime.

Which really, really sucks considering I left work right at 5.

But that did mean I got to watch Veronica Mars on my parents' new Tivo! I love that show!