August 30th, 2005

Due South

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I will not end yet another story on an ironic note. I will not end yet another story on an ironic note. It's a cheap way to introduce pathos into my stories and therefore I should really, really stop relying on it.

That's the problem when you're apparently addicted to writing about couples that end in tragedy--it's all too easy to go for that audience-wincing last line.

Especially considering I suck at writing endings.
In the Dark

Ficlet: Keeping Warm

Title: Keeping Warm
Characters: Leia, Han, Luke
Word Count: 321
A/N: Written for a 10-minute challenge. I'm addicted to these timed challenges, it seems. This one hasn't been cleaned up, nor do I have any intention of redoing it, so here you go.

“It’s so cold here,” Luke said, wrapping his coat around him as tightly as possible to ward off his shivering. “I’m not used to this.”

“None of us are, Kid,” Han said.

“I’m sure it’s worse for you, Luke, coming from a desert planet,” Leia said, partially out of diplomacy, partially to annoy Han. “Have you ever even seen snow before?”

Luke nodded. “Yeah, on Peo Skallaen, remember?”

“I’d forgotten,” Leia admitted. “That was much nicer than this, though. That reminded me of back home. We got snow in the mountains. My parents used to take me skiing when I was on break from school. It was always so much fun. You don’t feel the cold, so much, when you’re out there on the slopes.”

She smiled, wistfully, at nothing in particular. In fact, it seemed as if she had forgotten there was anyone else with her at all. The other two were silent for a minute, because even Han never knew quite what to say when Leia brought up memories of Alderaan.

“I don’t think we can ski here, though,” Leia said, her smile fading as she was brought back into the present. “It’s too cold.”

“Do you think you can teach me, Leia?” Luke asked gently, not so much because he wanted to learn—the idea of spending time voluntarily out in the snow wasn’t very appealing to a desert rat like himself. “Later, I mean, when we’re on a planet that’s better for skiing.”

“Of course,” Leia said. “I’d be happy to.”

“Never liked skiing,” Han contributed, feeling that it had been too long since the Princess had paid attention to him. “I preferred the chalets, with all the girls that’d come inside to find a way to warm up.”

“Why do you need to find ways to warm up?” Leia asked acerbically. “You already have a Wookiee. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home here on Hoth.”