August 25th, 2005

Due South

Drabble: Practice Makes Perfect

Once again, I'm filling my LJ with drabbles, etc., that I've written for various groups.

Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Word Count: 100
Characters: Will, Elizabeth
A/N: Written for the Black Pearl's Movement drabble theme.

Midday heat made work impossible and Brown was asleep; it was time for Will’s daily practice. Learning would be easier, he mused, with a partner. On his own, Will never knew if he was moving properly. Real life would be nothing like this solo pantomime; he would be facing someone if it were real.

Was it step, step, pivot? or step, pivot, step? Then there were his hands—where did they go?


Will turned guiltily, not expecting his fiancée in the forge.

“What are you doing?” she inquired.

Even Will’s ears were red as he mumbled, “Learning to dance.”
Due South

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I am now the proud owner of Backstroke of the West

Seriously, anyone in the T.O. area head down to Chinatown (Dundas and Spadina). The movie pirates are out in full force. My copy of Star Wars has Chinese (it's horrible of me, but I haven't figured out if Cantonese, Mandorin or something else entirely is predominantly spoken in Toronto) has weird characters for its opening screen, but then the original English speaking parts after that. I still want to see it again on the big screen; it's not the same on the small television.

Not that I've watched it more than to determine it was worth my $5. Today was my dad's birthday. We celebrated in true O'Connor style by going out and having a lot to drink.