July 25th, 2005

Due South

Drabble-ish: Superstition

Title: Superstition
Word Count: 243
A/N: Written... a long time ago for one of The Black Pearl Sails' drabble challenge. I believe the theme was Gibbs.

Gibbs was a superstitious man. He knew others laughed at him when avoided redheads or poured rum on the decks (it was easier to come by then wine and Gibbs figured that if was good enough for their captain, then it was good enough for any other supernatural beings that might be out there), but Gibbs didn't care; he had fought dead sailors and he knew that the supernatural was real. Superstition was the only way to keep himself alive, some days.

Women on board were bad luck, as everyone knew, but Anamaria had earned her place. (Besides, Jack insisted she stay on.)

Still, on that particular afternoon Gibbs grumbled, "A ship's no place for a woman," as he was wont to do when Anamaria did something particularly daft. She ignored him, as most of the crew did when he started on the subject.

The new man was another story. He openly leered at the only woman on board, which was the first sign of a storm (even those crew members who weren't superstitious, as Gibbs was, took a noticeable step back). "I 'ear the answer to tha' is to get 'er nekkid."

Anamaria punched him. He hit the deck hard, blood streaming out of a nose that was clearly broken. Then she turned to Gibbs, daring him to say something.

"Haven't heard that one before," Gibbs said carefully. "Reckon he was making it up."

Aye, Gibbs was a superstitious man.

Not stupid.