July 22nd, 2005

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Just a quick update, because I am very likely going to try to knock myself out soon. Ever suddenly realize that you have a headache, and then suddenly realize that you in all likelihood have a migraine, which explains so much, like why you've felt like crap today and why the sun was so horribly, horribly bright even though you were wearing your sunglasses?

I was reading GoF and I suddenly realized that Moody didn't get his magic eye until after Voldemort's first fall. Says so in the Pensieve scene. So when did he get his nickname? Lily and James wouldn't know him by it. This could be further developed and better said by those who aren't me at the moment.

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There is a third thing...

Oh yeah. For the next week or two, I plan to catch my LJ up on my writing. I'll be posting one drabble, etc., a day. People who are on various mailing lists with me might have already seen many of these, but I want a linkable copy for my Master List of Fics.
Due South

Drabble: An Inappropriate Joke

Title: An Inappropriate Joke
Word Count: 100
A/N: Written for the SiriusXJames first line challenge.

"You can't be serious."

"There's a joke in there."

"Shut up, Padfoot." Sirius obeyed as James paced. "It is a joke. Right?"

"You're right, James, it's a joke." Sirius' dull voice only confirmed James' suspicion that it wasn't. "Forget I said anything."

Starting to rise, James' firm hand to the chest knocked Sirius back onto the bed. "Fuck, Padfoot! You can't tell a bloke you like him, then say forget it. I need time to think."

"I obviously made a mistake. Just never mind." Sirius pushed his way past, not letting James stop him this time.

James let him go.