July 16th, 2005

Due South

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Got my book at midnight. Actually read the first chapter before I went to sleep, but that's only because the friend I went to pick the book up with was so excited that she started on the bus ride home. I wasn't very well going to sit around and not read it.

Woke up at 6:40 to start reading again. Read solidly for a few hours when I actually took a break to be sociable--family friends were visiting whom I've seen twice in my life; it would be rude to sit and read my book all day and ignore them. Apparently I'm no longer obsessed enough that I can't take an hour plus break during my first reading.

I just finished. So, depending on your view, it took a little over twelve hours, seven hours or roughly five hours to get through the book.

I am happy to say none of my fanfic (that I can think of, at least) has been definitively ruined. Yay!!!

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Ficlet: Victory

I actually feel like revising my stories for once in my life, except I'm at my parents house and therefore do not have the correct computer files. Yes, I know you're supposed to wait and not simply post the first thing that pops into your mind. On the other hand, this is a 15 minute ficlet (for last week's word, because I got confused) and therefore is perfect for quick, un-sunken-in-ness writing. Cut for massive spoilers. The speculation, if you haven't seen it already, will not be new to you for long...

This has been made into a drabble, as well, for hp100. You can find the shorter version here

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