May 22nd, 2005

Due South

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Friday was eventful. I started it out by cracking my head on the corner of a brick ceiling (just for your information, head wounds *do* bleed as much as they tell you they do), giving me the distinct pleasure of having to google information on head injuries twice in the last four months, have spent more than twenty-one years without needing that information.

The day ended with my parents selling their house. Closing date is July 8. So therefore they're desperately looking for a place to move into. They might be making an offer on one they checked out today, but then again that's contingent upon whether the people are going to fix some of the stupid things they did, like letting the drainpipe end right on the front step. Because you know that'll just be fun in the winter when it leaves a solid sheet of ice.

I saw Star Wars on Thursday. I really liked it. I think I'm going to say more on it, but that'll be a later entry. Give people a chance to see it? (Has anyone who cares about getting spoiled not seen it yet?) More likely, I'm just lazy and tired.