May 13th, 2005

In the Dark

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Do you ever go through your old writing? I'm doing that right now, looking through the stories I abandoned over the years, deciding what to move back to active status, what to put in the hiatus folder and what is dead, dead, dead. And what have I found?

Some of it was good. Some of it I'd written so much on I don't know why I abandoned it when I did, because they were so close to completion. But then, I procrastinate. A lot. So, really, I can see why I abandoned them when I did.

Of course, those self-same stories are now either hopelessly out of date because canon has moved on, in fandoms I'm no longer in, or both.

Though I will say that there are a couple of HP stories I wish I'd finished before OotP came out and ruined them. They aren't easily transformed into the new canon (I mean, sure I can change Macha Lestrange to Bellatrix Lestrange, but Macha's relationship with Sirius is a helluva lot different than Bellatrix's.)

On the other hand, there are some that are so utterly, utterly, completely and utterly bad that I'm so glad they never saw the light of day.

There are also one or two Star Wars fics that I'm pretty confident that I'll resusicate once I see the movie next week.