February 25th, 2005

Due South

10 Unlikely Things?

I kind of want to do that 10 Things You Haven't Done Meme, but can't think of ten things about my life that are that interesting. Most of the ones that are interesting involve me travelling (1. standing in the oldest known manmade construct, 2. going to an outdoors hot spring in the Yukon in the dead of winter so I could watch the Northern Lights outside in my bathing suit in -25 degree weather) or, well, health/body related (3. I've been having migraines for at least three-quarters of my life--but that's something I'm hoping no one else has suffered through rather than think it's unique to myself, 4. a doctor uses/has used x-rays of my feet in his lessons at Mac).

In other words, my life is too boring.

Okay, a few more:

5. My grandmother taught me to drink, more or less. Alcohol, I mean. I had to teach her how to use a microwave, on the other hand, when I was roughly a year old, in order to drink my bottle milk. This was back when parents were allowed to microwave bottles.

6. I spent a week (again, on vacation) dealing with a severe bat infestation (at all hours of the night and day) because the people sealing off the bat's access to their colony underestimated the population by anywhere between 1000-2000 bats and didn't know that it was the season for baby bats to be nursing.

7. Spent an entire school year living in the same room as three other girls and was the only one who would get changed outside of the closet.

8. Was not only the last person in my immediate family to try marijuana, but the following people had admitted and told me stories about smoking it: mother, father, baby sister, grandmother. Also heard explicit stories of the following family members smoking: all three of mother's brothers, grandmother's dog (okay, he ate it, not smoked it), great-grandfather. Had heard all these stories before smoking it. Surprise, surprise, many of said stories came up while on vacation.

9. Petted a wild bear cub (added because I'm running out of things and animal encounters seem to rank high on other people's lists) - and just so you know, this is another vacation story

10. At the age of nine, cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony for my school's new parking lot, thus providing the teachers a place to park their cars that wasn't also our playground. I also did this while wearing shorts visibly underneath my dress and scandalized my grandmother.

See? Not nearly as interesting as some others out there. I've never almost died, for instance. I'm thinking, however, that the more interesting version would be 10 things that you and I probably haven't done, but know people who have.

I'm also back in Toronto, finally, after an extra week in Hamilton dealing with the insurance companies and a migraine.